Explore Transhumanism with Dr. Laura Weston.

Interview with Dr. Laura Weston

Interview with Laura Weston (medical doctor and artist) on transhumanism, rejuvenation and the arts.

It is not true that science and the arts are on parallel tracks. Dr. Laura Weston, a scientist, artist and LEAF volunteer, is an excellent example. Dr. Weston, a molecular biologist and painter, has just opened her own art gallery. Laura, who is a life extensionist (and, more broadly, a transhumanist), undertook the project to show her belief that art could and should play a role in shaping a brighter future for all. The art displayed in her gallery can do this both in the traditional manner of conveying a Message, but also in a more direct way, as part of the sales proceeds will go towards conservation charities, medical researchers, and LEAF, which we are grateful for.

Artists and art lovers who wish to contribute their art to important causes such as life extension can now do so. They can either buy their favorite pieces or donate their own. The abstract art displayed at Katrin–Laura’s pseudonym–is inspired by transhumanist themes. You can view a sample of the work below or on Instagram.

Jupatian Storms


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