Explore Transhumanism: Unveiling Immortality Possibility

Transhuman life is here, but it’s not what we know.

The Sunday Times of London has published an article on #Transhumanism. 750,000 copies were sold today. It briefly mentions my pres campaign, as well other transhumanists.

Netflix’s new series Altered Carbon takes place in a dystopian world where super-rich people can use technology to download their consciousness onto a new body each time they die. This gives them the illusion of immortality.

Science fiction is what we’ve been reading about in the novels by Philip K Dick and William Gibson. Movies such as RoboCop, The Terminator and Ghost in the Shell, and manga comics, like Ghost in the Shell, and even the Man-Machine Album of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk, are all science fiction. But only until they come true.

Mark O’Connell, a Dublin-based writer, spent three years traveling the world, meeting people who believed that they could achieve this by digitising and transcending their brains to become de facto cybernetics, impervious…


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