Explore the vision of Dr. Marvin Minsky – Facing the future of A.I. And Mind Theories.

Dr. Marvin Minsky – Facing the future
Dr. Marvin Minsky — A.I. Pioneer & Mind Theorist. Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT, Media Lab http://GF2045.com/speakers.

Once we have a better understanding of how the brain functions, we will be able make copies of it out of different materials. Since everything is composed of atoms and molecules, making a machine is similar to creating a brain, but it can be organized in a different way or in the same fundamental manner.

It is interesting to note that if you want to duplicate the structure of a human mind, you might as well make 12 copies. No limit exists on the number of copies you can make or how they will be treated by future societies.

When will we be able to do all of these wonderful things, like eradicating death and turning us into machines that can be replaced with new parts and removing suffering? Science fiction writers have written a lot about the future of our minds, and how we can eliminate death so that people live forever and grow and develop.

It is difficult to predict the time it will take for us to achieve this, because we do not yet know how the brain works. I am confident, however, that we will achieve this sooner or later. It is not \”if\”, but \”when\” we will.

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