Explore the selfless side of life extension advocacy

It is not selfish to extend life.

Discussion about life extension and why it isn’t selfish.

Life extension is a topic that has been debated more than ever before. People who don’t work in the field are more likely to talk about life extension, but they may not always speak in positive terms. Outsiders’ articles tend to be conservative, at best, and fear-mongering, at worst. They focus on the negative aspects of life-extending technology, without giving much thought to its benefits.

Many people accuse life extensionists of being selfish because they want to prolong their lives. Life extensionists are often accused of being selfish for wanting to extend their lives.

It is important to eliminate the pain caused by diseases of old age. Many of the rejuvenation supporters of today may die before they can achieve the world that they envision. It is not true that all life-extension advocates are selfish. But to claim that they only do so for their own benefit would be slanderous. This is the same as saying that women who are women and support women’s issues only do so for themselves and not for other women. It is also outrageous.


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