Explore the Secrets of Lifespan Extension With Dr. Michael Rose: Full Video Conversation

Dr. Michael Rose on Lifespan Expansion in Drosophila (uncut, full video).

How the Rose Lab doubled Drosophila’s lifespan.
17:20 Use machine learning (ML), multi-omics, and ML to develop interventions.
37:04 Drosophila’s longevity is extended by adhering to a diet ancestral to the species, compared to a diet evolutionary recent.
40:35 It is important to measure objective markers of health in order to determine the best diet for a person.
44:04 Does ageing stop? And how biomarker tests can help to decipher/optimize this.
53:33 It is important to characterize aging in Drosophila as well as its microbiome.
1:00:35 A Manhattan-project-style approach to increasing lifespan on a large scale is needed.


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