Explore the potential of transhumanism and emerging worldviews

The Rise of Transhumanism : Emerging Worldviews


Transhumanism in its various forms

Transhumanism is a term that encompasses a wide range of forms, all united by a commitment to using science and technology to enhance human intelligence and/or physiology. Some, but not all, adhere to Posthumanism, while others are more focused on the implications of artificial intelligence for human life. They all raise important questions about worldview, but not necessarily the same questions.

Extropianism was an early form of Transhumanism. The name is derived from extropy, which was created to express the reversal entropy. The focus of the movement is to use science, technology and reason to control human evolution by using life extension technologies, uploading minds into computers, etc. Extropianism is an optimistic philosophy that expects to increase human lifespans and recover people frozen in cryogenically.


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