Explore the Potential of Plant Stem cells in Cosmetics: Trends, Current Directions and Future Directions

Current trends in plant stem cell cosmetics

The process of plant regeneration is unique. Plant stem cells have similar properties to those of animals. They can stimulate and regenerate damaged plants. The unique properties of plant stem cells have been a recent area of interest and focus both in developing new cosmetics and studying how these extracts/phytohormones will influence animal skin. This report is a special focus on current trends in plant-based stem-cell cosmetics. It also sheds light on challenges we must overcome to achieve meaningful skin changes using topical cosmetics made from plant stem cells.

Key words: antiaging, Ayurveda cosmetics, epidermal cells, herbs and plant stem cells.

Plants have a robust mechanism to regenerate their tissues when under stress. In the rapidly expanding field of biotechnology for plants, significant efforts have been made to understand this mechanism. Animals undergo tissue regeneration in response to a stimulus such as a wound, which leads to the repair of an organ. Plants, on the other hand, use their regenerative abilities to not only repair damaged tissue, but also develop a new plant. Other words, if you cut a branch off a tree, it will also result in the growth of a new bud/branch. Can we use the unique properties of plants to improve tissue regeneration in animals? The question is: \”Eat an Apple a Day…But Can It Keep Aging Away?\” This report is a review of current cosmetics based on plant stem cells and the research being done to determine their effects on human skin.


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