Explore the Possibility of Resurrection : A Look inside Cryonics

Inside Cryonics – Will these bodies come back from death?
Robert Ettinger, who died in 2011, hoped that humanity would find a way to cheat the death. His body is now stored in a liquid nitrogen-filled chamber and frozen at -196 degrees Celsius. His body is in cryopreservation in the Cryonics Institute, which he founded, in Michigan, along with his mother, first and second wife, and 150 others.

Ettinger popularized cryonics in 1962 with his book The Prospect of Immortality. Isaac Asimov helped Ettinger to publish his book. Cryonicists think that technology will advance enough to allow cells to be rejuvenated, and the aging processes reversed. In practice, patients who are legally dead arrive at cryonics facilities packed in ice. Cryonicists stop the dying process of the corpse by perfusing it with an anti-freeze mixture and organ preservation chemicals known as cryoprotective agent. The body is transformed into vitrified form and then lowered into an below-freezing liquid nitrogen chamber.

\”We Will Live Again\” was directed by Myles Kane and Josh Koury (http://www.brooklynundergroundfilms.com). The Atlantic Selects is an online showcase for short documentaries by independent creators, curated and presented by The Atlantic.


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