Explore the Possibilities to Undo Aging: Reflections From the 2019 Berlin Conference

Undoing Aging: Impressions and Highlights

Asimina Panazi, a guest writer from Berlin, gives her impressions on the recent Berlin Undoing Aging Conference as a researcher.

Google Maps was my first choice to locate the venue. I was worried that I wouldn’t have any data in Berlin and that I might get lost. I found out that the venue was just a few meters away.

Undoing Aging 2019, a conference on aging, took place from May 28-30, 2019 at Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz. The industrial venue featured metal stairs, cool lights and a balcony that overlooked the minimalist conference hall. It was my first positive experience.

Aubrey de Grey, of the SENS Research Foundation, and Michael Greve, of the Forever Healthy Foundation, organized a 3-day event focused on the repair of cellular and molecular damage caused by ageing in order to control aging medically. The conference attracted a wide range of participants from around the globe: scientists, doctors and students, as well as biotechs, startups and pharma companies, media, government officials, policymakers, and antiaging research enthusiasts. Many of these attendees were Russians and their country was very well represented!


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