Explore the possibilities of Regenerative Medicine – Custom-Grown Bones, and Beyond

Custom-Grown bones, and other wild advances in Regenerative Medicine

The human body is a marvellous machine. It can do incredible feats, both physically and mentally, down to the smallest details, such as the veins, nerves, and cells. The way we view the body and our understanding of it has evolved over the years.

Nina Tandon believes that there are two phases of knowledge in this area. She said that for much of the history of medicine, it was all about letting the human body rest because there was a presumption attributed to its proportions.

Around the turn of the century, we began developing interchangeable components (whether made from donor parts, plastic, or metal) and started thinking of our bodies as machines. Tandon explained that we are each made up of 206 bones, which are held together by 360 joints. \”But many are more.\” \”By the end of this lifetime, 70% of us will have parts of our bodies that we didn’t inherit.\”


Custom-Grown Bones, and Other Wild Advances in Regenerative Medicine

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