Explore the possibilities of mind-uploading: Cheating Death

Can We Cheat Death via Mind-Uploading?

Can we pass on the knowledge and experiences we have accumulated throughout our lives? The idea of \”mind-uploading\”, a modern interpretation of a long-held human dream, is not new. Transhumanism aims to enhance human capabilities and even surpass human limitations, such as death.

The main character of Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, wishes to be eternally young. His wish comes true: Dorian Gray is young, beautiful and flawless, while his portrait ages, aging with human imperfections and flaws. We all know that the story ended poorly for Dorian.

Scientific discoveries and new technology promises to bring us closer towards his dream. No deal with the Devil will be needed to achieve this: Once we learn how to manipulate life’s building blocks, as well as our emotions, character traits and consciousness, we can broaden the human nature, and overcome its inherent shortcomings such as aging and suffering, as well as cognitive, emotional, and moral deficiencies.


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