Explore the possibilities of life extension through stem cell technology and nutritional medicine

Immortality before 2029
This video is one year old and the title of this video includes \”I-word\”. A very interesting talk.

It’s not everyday that I post a video that makes me feel like I am part of something that could improve and prolong lives. I am so grateful to have been brought into the process.

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV’s newsletter and website are subscribed to by a lot of doctors and health practitioners. It has been a pleasure over the years to become friends with many of the doctors who have joined my list. In August 2011, Dr. Ron Klatz – Founder-President of A4M – was the first physician to contact me.

He asked me last week to edit the video of the American Association of Stem Cell Physicians’ first roundtable discussion, which was live-streamed August 11th, and that he had helped moderate. The video was unstaged, very rough and tumble and needed some cleaning up. I agreed, not realizing the treat that I would be in for with such a dynamic group of doctors and scientists who normally don’t speak to one another, let alone on camera, in an unscripted, live setting.

In 1996, A4M and Dr. Klatz predicted that medical advances would allow for a life expectancy of 120 years, or \”practical immortality\” by the year 2029. This prediction is on track with the latest advancements in stem cell technologies and nutritional medicine.

This is an important exchange of ideas, experiences and wisdom on the subject of life-extension. Recent insights are shared about cellular biology and the immune system. Supplements and the restoration of function of eyes, nerves and hearts. It is also a way to form a united front against the oppressive US Federal regulations. It is precisely this type of online meeting of minds that can lead to innovation and understanding.

The topics covered are: why telomeres haven’t been so popular (but still valid), CRISPR-Cas9, exomes, VSELs and protein aggregate diseases, and the role of apoptosis and autophagy; the importance of gut microbiome and a fasting-mimicking ketogenic diet; nutritional quercetin and resveratrol; pterostilbene; NAD+; and metformin.

Eventually, the conversation turns to spirituality. What is the point of prolonging life? The importance of living longer and enjoying life with friends and family is stressed.


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