Explore the links between metabolism, aging, and disease with Dr. Michael Bonkowski, of the David Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School

An Interview with Mike Bonkowski

We have an interview today with Dr. Michael Bonkowski. He is an expert in NAD+ biology, aging, and the David Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School.

Michael Bonkowski’s goal is to improve our understanding of age-related diseases, metabolism and aging. He has published over 35 peer-reviewed articles and conducted many successful longevity studies. His research in Dr. David Sinclair’s lab is focused on the role that nutrient sensor’s regulation of endocrine signals and aging of the mouse. He also works on direct and indirect methods to drive the activity these nutrient sensor by using small molecules, chemical treatments, and dietary manipulations.

Michael has been trained as a pharmacologist and animal scientist. His areas of expertise include animal biology, genetics and glucose and insulin homeostasis.


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