Explore the Future of Aging With Dr. Harold Katcher: A Series of Interviews Ep 5

Dr. Harold Katcher Interview Series 2 — Ep5
In this video, Dr. Katcher shares his thoughts on the future of ageing if E5 delivers on its promises.

Amazon has Dr Katcher’s books.
The Illusion Of Knowledge: A paradigm shift in the aging research which shows us how to rejuvenate humans.

Dr Harold Katcher was one of the first to discover the human BRCA1 gene. He has published thousands of scientific papers on a wide range of topics, including bacteriology and biochemistry. He is the Chief Scientist at Yuvan Research Inc., which works on rejuvenation treatments. He was previously the Academic Director of Natural Sciences for the University of Maryland Global campus.

The Illusion of Knowledge by Dr Katcher, a paradigm shift in the aging research which shows the path to human rejuvenation, will be released on the 4th of September 2021. It is already available electronically. The Book Passage, located in the Ferry Building of San Francisco, will host the book launch at 3:00 PM Pacific Time.

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