Explore the connection between ribosomes and telomeres in plants

Plants have a connection between ribosomes, telomeres and ribosomes

The December issue of Nature Communications, a prestigious online journal published by the Marshall University College of Science and a Marshall University assistant professor, contains findings from a research project conducted with Texas researchers.

Dr. Eugene Shakirov studies the relationship between ribosomes, telomeres and plants. Telomeres, the ends of chromosomes in cells, shorten as they age. The rapid shortening of the telomeres has been linked to age related diseases, and excessively long telomeres have often been linked to cancer.

Telomeres are known to vary in length between individuals and can influence cellular longevity. However, the genes that cause these variations remain largely unknown. Shakirov’s research, in collaboration with collaborators at University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University as well as HudsonAlpha Institute for Biology, Kazan Federal University and other Russian universities, focused on the study of genetic and epigenetic factors that cause natural telomere variations in Arabidopsis, a small, flowering plant.


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