Explore the Brave New World of Transhumanism – Merging AI with Humans

The Cancer Within Modern Medicine, Part 5: Transhumanism

Wow, the shitflies are literally flying out of Earth’s trash cans… I personally do not like the idea of man and machine being bolted together. Singularity is a concept that has existed for centuries.

Since the dawn of technology, man has been the brain behind every invention. The covered wagon, the bicycle, the car or train. Planes and now rocket ships.

For each machine to function, the man needed to be one with it. The brain of the man became more machine-like to calculate these miracles.

The naysayers are now loudly speaking out against Transhumanism, and even against Immortality which Nikola Tesla foretold in his prophecy.

What do you think of these new Johnny Get your Guns? Jump on our collective vehicle, which I will now call the Band Wagon.

So many are now joining the wave that was started by Who??? There are many, including De Grey, Gennady Strole, Ray Kurzweil and Bernadeane, Ilia Stambler, Jim Strole, and Bernadeane.

Many people now gain attention by repeating the same words as Ray or De Grey, then going on tour.

Human trials will begin in 2020. The goal of the project is to merge artificial intelligence with humans. But it’s so much more. This is a great read.


The Cancer Within Modern Medicine Part 5: Transhumanism

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