Explore the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment and the potential of longevity investment

The Ageless Starman Podcast: 10 insights from the first five episodes

1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has 4 main effects: 1.- Decrease in inflammation 2.- Increase in oxygen circulation and reverse hypoxia. Stimulate stem cell release from the brain and bone stem cells. 4.- Kill the infection. Why is it important for dementia and regenerative treatment? Listen to Dr. Scott Sherr explaining in detail in http://www.mendelhaim.com/podcast/2. For more information on Dr. Scott’s work go to https://www.hyperbaricmedicalsolutions.com/integrative-hbot/scott-sherr.

2. All of my guests agree that raising money for academic research can be a challenge. But even with hyperbaric chambers, there’s a shortage of funds and the number is declining in the U.S. The demand for hyperbaric treatment in Israel is growing and the waiting time is a few weeks. This can be a great business opportunity, as the risks of such research are not as high as those in other medical research.

3. The Longevity Vision Fund, which invests in companies that are based on longevity investment, has three criteria they use to evaluate new investments. These include: 1- Will the product be affordable enough to impact millions of lives and not just the wealthy? Look for sectors with exponential technological development, such as AI and early diagnostics. Also, look at stem cells, organ transplants, warbles and organs. If you’re a startup looking to raise money from the Longevity Vision Fund, ask yourself: Do you already have partners who can help you market your product, such as a health care chain, big manufacturer or big pharma? Also, are you collaborating with the best academic institutions in longevity research? Go listen to the full episode Mission Alpha with Sergey Young on http://www.mendelhaim.com/podcast/3


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