Explore the benefits of donating to SENS Research Foundation from an EA perspective

Why SENS makes sense

This post will explain why SENS Research Foundation is a great organization to fund from an EA standpoint, along with my interview questions for its Chief Scientist Officer, Aubrey de Grey. Please feel free to add your own questions either in the comments section or via a private message. Here’s a quick summary of each section.

Introduction: From an EA perspective, aging research is a very promising cause. According to a utilitarian total view, it would probably be second or third behind existential risk reduction. Donating to EA causes is a good idea for many reasons, including to reduce risks, to fund specific interventions that are effective, and to support areas which are already well-funded.

SRF’s approach towards aging research. SRF selects research based on the SENS general strategies, which divides ageing into seven categories of damages, with each category having a line of research. This categorization is similar to that described in the landmark article The Hallmarks of Aging. This approach to damage repair seems more efficient and tractable than the current biogerontology and geriatrics that aim to slow down aging. It allows LEVs and many more QUALYs. This approach allows for rejuvenation instead of merely slowing down the aging process. It also doesn’t require a deep understanding of metabolism which is complex and full of unknowns.


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