Explore Radical Science and Transhumanism with US Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan

Exclusive Interview with US Presidential Candidate

Zoltan Istvan, a transhumanist activist, announced last week that he would run for the presidency of the United States during the next election. The author, outspoken advocate for radical science, and humanitarian is not new to the issue of Longevity. She has also spoken on topics such as AI, genetic engineering, technology policy and futurity.

In 2016, Istvan ran for president as an independent candidate, and traveled across the United States in a bus shaped like a coffin, called the \”Immortality Coach.\” Now, he is on the ballot to run against Donald Trump, a Republican candidate, during the primaries of next year. This time, things are a little more serious.

Isvan’s key policies include transhumanism and universal basic income, as well as the need to beat China on the global innovation race, a topic we discussed in our Jamie Metzl Interview. We talked to him about his thoughts on the longevity sector.


Exclusive: Interview with US presidential candidate

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