Explore Progress in Reversing Aging – An Update for 2018.

Reversing Ageing — 2018 Update
What is the progress being made on the grand human project of extending healthy life span?

This online video conference by the London Futurists featured a variety of healthspan-extension researchers and activists around the world who answered questions like:
What is it that you now know, which wasn’t clear in January 2017 or what was unclear then?
What has been your most encouraging progress? What disappointments did you experience?
What have we learned in general? What should the field be doing differently in the future?

We will discuss the latest developments in understanding:
* The science behind aging
* Medical interventions that can slow or reverse the aging process
* Effective ways to influence public opinion about this field
The economic and social consequences of a significantly longer life expectancy.

== Panellists==

Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BioViva Sciences Inc, https://bioviva-science.com/ — known as \”patient zero\” for two anti-aging therapies that her company is researching.

Ilia Stambler, Author of the definitive history of life extensionism, http://www.longevityhistory.com/ and Outreach Coordinator at International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD), http://www.isoad.org/.


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