Explore Neurons and Cryopreservation to unlock the mysteries of memory through bioart

The Bioart of Neurons and Memory

It is not the traditional topic of bioart to demonstrate how cells can be preserved after an organism has been declared dead and then revived. It is an important topic. This is an important step in the advancement of the use of lower temperatures to maintain the effectiveness of organs and other organisms during medical procedures and, especially, for preserving neurons as part of cryonics.

My recent bioart work is a breakthrough in the field of information storage and short-term behavior of episodic memory, semantic memory, procedural memory, and working memories.

This article will cover how I got involved in this project, the training I received at 21st Century Medicine and the pitching of the research to Alcor. I will also discuss my submission to the Research Center (ARC) for its Research Center. Then I will take you to the lab and show you the trial and error process in our first experiments, how we developed a protocol using olfactory impressions and applied several cryopreservation techniques, as well as the benefits of working with an amazing lab technician.


The Bioart of Neurons and Memory

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