Explore MitoSENS with SENS Research Foundation Researchers

The MitoSENS Webinar
In January, Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Dr. Amutha boominathan from the SENS Research Foundation joined us for a webinar panel discussion focused on MitoSENS. The mitochondrial repair program. During the webinar a number points were discussed and Lifespan Heroes from the audience had the opportunity to ask questions about MitoSENS, as well as the work of SENS Foundation.

The MitoSENS team successfully raised funds on Lifespan.io in 2015 to test if they could replicate mitochondrial DNA in the nucleus of cells. The MitoSENS team has launched a new project in October 2019 called MitoMouse. This is a follow-up to the MitoSENS therapy that aims to prove the concept of mitochondrial repair to mammals.


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