Explore Longevity – RAADfest Roundup Day 1 2019 from Las Vegas

RAADfest Roundup Day 1, 2019, Las Vegas
I want to help you improve your life dramatically by breaking bad habits and building new healthy ones. I do the research, read all the books and then share with you my findings!

This video shows \”Day 1\” at RAADfest 2019, in Las Vegas. I talk about the products, companies & issues that will be on display at RAADfest. I will try my best to interview longevity experts at RAADfest, including James Strole and Bernadeane. Dr. Aubrey de Grey is also on the list. I will bring you the latest news and updates from RAADfest.

This week, I’ll be posting daily RAADfest Roundups on my YouTube Channel.

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