Explore Intermittent Rapamycin Treatment to Slow Aging of the Body

Rapamycin therapy can slow down the aging process in our bodies.

The Best of 2017 (Looking back)

This discovery was a major breakthrough in anti-aging research. Professor Judith Campisi Ph.D. is a celebrity anti-aging researcher and the lead author of this study.

Imagine taking a pill (rapamycin) for a few weeks or days every few years instead of something with side-effects every day of your life. It’s a different way to look at age-related maladies.\” Judith Campisi PhD

Campisi’s research suggests that an individual could take rapamycin on a weekly basis, to stop chronic inflammation. The zombie cells will find their feet again because they haven’t disappeared. This regimen involves repeating the dose intermittently to reduce inflammation.


Can We Slow Aging in our Bodies with Intermittent Rapamycin Therapy?

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