Explore Aging and Blood Dilute with Drs. Irina and Mike Conboy: Unveiling Tissue Rejuvenation

Drs. Irina and Mike Conboy Interview Ep. 1
This video features Drs Irina Conboy and Mike Conboy discussing their theory on why we age. They also introduce Neutral blood exchange, which was a result of their parabiosis experimentation documented in 2005.

Today, we are pleased to welcome Drs. Irina Conboy and Michael Conboy are from the Department of Bioengineering, University of California Berkeley. In 2005, their seminal Nature paper on the rejuvenating properties of young blood via parabiosis paved the path for the thriving field rejuvenation biology. Conboy Lab focuses its research on tissue repair and maintenance, stem cell niches, muscle stem cell aging mechanisms, directed organogenesis and CRISPR as a therapy.

This video mentions papers.
Plasma dilution can improve cognition in mice and reduce neuroinflammation.
The regeneration of three germ layer tissues is achieved by replacing old blood plasma with albumin-saline.
Rejuvenation aged progenitor cell by exposure to young systemic environment.

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