Expert Panel on Nutrition for Longevity: Unlocking the Secrets of Long-Term Health

Nutrition for Longevity
A panel of nutritional experts with a focus on longevity. You have probably heard this at some point during your life. You have heard the following at some point in your life: You will live longer. What if you were told that the right foods could also help you heal? This panel of longevity-driven nutritionists will provide you with a wide range of factual regiments as well as compelling individual opinions about Nutrition and Longevity.
This segment will provide you with a variety of easy to understand methods that can help you or someone close to your heart live longer. Learn about proper nutrition to promote longevity.

Speakers Include:
Brian Clement, founder of the \”Hippocrates Health Institute\”, is a plant-based entrepreneur.
Brian, a typical American who grew up in New Jersey/New York, likes to make jokes about being a pioneer of obesity. He was fat before most Americans were! He was unfit, gasping for breath every few steps, having been raised in an Irish family on the typical American diet, which consisted of processed foods and sugary drinks. He was dating a girl who was dating her best friend’s vegetarian boyfriend when he turned 20. He was told by his parents that if he didn’t eat animal products, he would die. But the influence of a peer who had a lot of power made him give up meat all at once. He kept his vegetarian lifestyle a secret for the first year-and-a-half. After losing 120 pounds, and noticing the difference in health, he decided to come out of his closet. (Much to the dismay of his family!) Three years later, he became a vegan.

Scott Joseph, Fruitarian and author of \”Perfect Human Food\”.
Perfect [Human] food — Written by Scott Joseph. (c) 2019. Approximately 95% of illnesses and diseases can be \”DIET RELATED\”. You could therefore cure and prevent almost all health issues… simply by eating the right FOOD. Animals in nature away from human interference do not suffer from \”diet-related illnesses\” such as Heart Attacks and Cancers. They also don’t get Alzheimer’s or Diabetes.
It is only logical that the super-healthy natural diet that our closest relatives eat, which has virtually perfect health except for our pets, can cure and prevent virtually all our health problems.

Wendi Blum is the founder of \”Founder Of Create Your Best Life\”.
Wendi Blum spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry before (at age 45), she felt a call to change her entire life. Wendi Blum, who spent over 20 years in a successful career as a salesperson (working for Zenecca Pharmaceuticals and PDI, while wearing many different hats such as advocacy, training, and sales), decided to rewrite her story literally. She became an inspirational speaker, writer, workshop leader and success coach.
She has written five books, including \”Your Life, Your Destiny Uncover Yours LifeShift\”, \”Goals Setting Workbook for the New Economy\”, \”Goals Setting Workbook\” and more. Blum’s blend of Spiritual flair and business savvy is what makes her so well-known.

Bill Faloon – Director and co-founder of \”Life Extension Foundation\”

Bill Faloon is the author of Disease Prevention and Treatment a 1,500-page reference medical book. His latest book, Pharmocracy, describes how corrupt deals and misguided medical regulations are bankrupting America and what to do about it. Bill Faloon is the director and cofounder of Life Extension Foundation. This consumer advocacy group funds research and provides information about optimal health to consumers. Mr. Faloon is a media personality who has appeared on hundreds of shows, including The Phil Donohue Show and Tony Brown’s Journal. He has also been interviewed by Newsweek, among other magazines.


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