Examining Historical and Current Population Data to Dispel the Myth of Overpopulation

Overpopulation and Increased Longevity
Almost all discussions of rejuvenation technology include the topic and objection that medical advancements that directly address various processes of ageing will lead to a world overpopulated. Many discussions about medical advances that may increase lifespans include such dire predictions.

The word overpopulation has a negative connotation. It is used to describe the fact that population growth is increasing. Overpopulation implies that an increased number of people can harm our lives.

The 18th-century scholar and reverend Thomas Malthus first raised this concern. It has since been a recurring theme in popular fiction as well as early predictions about population growth. Is it really well-founded, though? We will examine the population statistics of past and present and show why it is unlikely.


Increased Longevity and Overpopulation

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