Early Adopters Discuss the Benefits and Risks of Antiaging Treatments

Early Adopters are Using the Latest Anti-Aging Treatments
Bill Faloon, co-founder of Life Extension Nutritional Supplement Company and founder of Church of Perpetual Life Hollywood, Florida is a popular speaker.

Bill attended the Raadfest 2018 which was an anti-aging conference with a total of around 1000 attendees. Bill, like many others at Raadfest, wants to try any anti-aging treatment that has scientific evidence. It is possible that the latest antiaging treatments will work, and early adopters may be able improve their health or live up to 20 more years.

This approach is not without its risks and costs. On the other side, $140 billion is spent annually on cosmetics and vitamins, as well as other treatments that have no proven life-extending properties. The scientific evidence against vitamins is often overwhelming.


The Latest Antiaging Treatments Being Used by Early Adopters

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