Drugs that turn back time in humans: evidence of drugs reversing the biological clock

The first evidence that drugs could turn back the clock on our biological age

After decades of research comes the first, imperfect but promising, evidence that three drugs can reverse epigenetic clocks, which are a measure of a person’s biological age.

Even the researchers were surprised by the results. The trial was originally intended to examine the effects of human growth hormone on the thymus. This is the part of the immune system which deteriorates as we age.

Intervene Immune in Los Angeles, California, said that Dr. Gregory Fahy, the study’s author, believes that centenarians have a maintained immune system, and thymus functions are linked to mortality from all causes. He said that they hoped to maintain the thymus functions of middle-aged males with growth hormone for a full year before their tissue function plummeted.


The First Evidence That Drugs Could Turn Back the Clock on Our Biological Age

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