Dr. Ruth Itzhaki, A shining example of perseverance and brilliance at 2019 Undoing Aging Conference

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Ruth Itzhaki will be speaking at the 2019 Undoing Aging Conference

\”Ruth is an example of a quality I admire most in a scientist, namely, tenacious perseverance to pursue one’s thesis despite the near-universal rejection by the mainstream, until finally one wins them over.

You can only be an admirable person if you are likely to be correct. So you better also be a good scientist. And she is. Ruth spoke at two of my Cambridge conferences, and I was always disappointed that the solid data and logic regarding the involvement of the herpes virus in Alzheimer’s was ignored or dismissed so widely for what appeared to be completely flimsy motives. Aubrey de Grey says, \”That’s not happening anymore!\”



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