Dr. Natasha Vita More Joins LEAF Scientific Advisory Board

Natasha Vita More Joins LEAF SAB

Recently, the LEAF Scientific Advisory Board grew with the addition Dr. Natasha VitaMore. This name may be familiar to many of our readers. Natasha Vita-More is a very active science advocate, public figure and educator. We are delighted to welcome her on the SAB.

Natasha is a writer, humanitarian and innovator who focuses her work on longevity and regenerative generation. She is a motivational keynote speaker who focuses on causes, solutions and acknowledges the work of others who have striven to identify human potential. She has been called \”An Early Adopter of Revolutionary Changes\” (Wired 2000) and \”Advocates ethical use of Technology to Expand Human Capabilities\” (Politico 2017).

Natasha was a Lead Scientist on the Memory Project. This project has led to scientific breakthroughs regarding the long-term memories of C.elegans for cryonics. Natasha is a leading proponent of aging reduction and introduced Human Enhancement to academics.


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