Dr. Brian Kennedy joins LEAF Scientific Advisory Board – An important figure in the research community

Brian Kennedy joins LEAF Scientific Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce Dr. Brian Kennedy will join the LEAF Scientific Advisory Board. He is a Distinguished professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Physiology of the National University of Singapore.

Professor Kennedy is a prominent figure in the world of research. He is recognized internationally for his research, and his efforts to translate these findings into therapies which could slow down, delay or even prevent age related diseases. He was previously the President of Buck Institute where he is still a Professor.

He is working at the NUS to develop therapeutic interventions that target human aging, along with biomarkers which can confirm if a treatment has worked. Professor Kennedy’s team has been exploring the epigenetic timer, a biomarker which measures the methylation in the human genome. This is used to determine the biological age. They also investigate inflammatory biomarkers for aging by using metabolomics. Metabolomics is the study of chemical reactions involving metabolites and their intermediates or products.


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