Dr. Andrei Gudkov discusses genetics and age-related diseases.

Ending Age Related Diseases with Andrei Gudkov 2019
We are continuing to release the talks from Ending Age Related Diseases 2019, a highly successful two-day event that brought together leading researchers and investors to discuss the future aging and rejuvenation.

Dr. Andrei Gudkov, of the Roswell Comprehensive Cancer Center, gave a technical and detailed presentation on the retrobiome. This is a subset of genetics which varies between mammalian species. It is a major driver of aging. According to this model as DNA damage increases, senescent (old) cells are not disposed off by the immune system efficiently, which contributes to the common diseases associated with aging. He also covered related topics such as how LINE1(RTL1), a molecule produced by the retrobiome and a part of the immune system, could be effective in preventing cancer.


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