Douglas Vakoch and METI Interview on the Possibility of Message Aliens

Douglas Vakoch & METI
The musings of a man who has lived long enough to know.

Are aliens real? Douglas Vakoch, a psychologist and astrobiologist, says that it is \”virtually inconceivable\” to him that there aren’t intelligent beings in the universe. It’s just numbers.

What happens when aliens send us messages? Learn more in this video from Life Noggin —

Dr. Vakoch spent most of his career crafting and sending messages to nearby stars, in the hope that he would finally make contact with intelligent life from another planet. He is the president of METI International – an organization that aims to communicate with extraterrestrial life. Part of his job as the president involves searching for planets in the \”Goldilocks Zone\” – not too hot or too cold but just the right temperature to sustain life.

Astronomers reported in 2017 that three planets of the TRAPPIST-1 star system met the criteria. Now, Dr. Vakoch’s team is using the Goonhilly satellite earth station to transmit a transmission into the area. What’s the only problem? Dr. Vakoch would be dead by the time a TRAPPIST-1 signal could reach Earth. To see this, Dr. Vakoch would need to live until he is 140 years old.

Dr. Vakoch regrets: \”This is the point where you need a half-dozen lifetimes to understand this.\” \”Honestly, I do not expect to ever retire. \”I love what I do\”.

Dr. Vakoch does not believe in miracles but he believes in science. Research in the field of human longevity is on the verge of developing rejuvenation technologies that will dramatically increase the healthspan of humans. This research could give Dr. Vakoch and others the opportunity to continue to live their passions while helping the world.

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