Discovery: Adult skin can regenerate like a newborn’s

Discovery allows adult skin to regenerate as if it were a newborn’s

A newly discovered genetic factor allows the adult skin to heal itself just like that of a newborn baby. Researchers at Washington State University made a discovery that could have implications for skin wound healing and preventing the aging of skin.

Researchers identified a factor in a study published on September 29 in the journal eLife that acts as a molecular switching in the skins of baby mice. This factor controls the development of hair follicles during the first seven days of life. The switch is largely turned off once the skin has formed and stays off in adult tissues. The skin of adult mice was able heal wounds without leaving scars when the switch was turned on in specialized cells. The skin was reformed to include fur and create goose bumps. This ability is not present in adult human scars.

Driskell, a WSU School of Molecular Biosciences assistant professor, said, \”We were able take the innate ability of neonatal, young skin to regenerate, and transfer that to old skin.\” \”We have demonstrated in principle that such regeneration is possible.\”


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