Discovering the secrets of the Methylation Clock – What are Methylation Clocks? How do they impact longevity?

What is a Methylation Clock?

Why are methylation clocks so popular?

Are you sure you know your age? I don’t doubt your ability to recall your birthday, or the honesty of your parent. Do you know, at a basic level, how old your body is? This is the same thing as your chronological age, right? In reality, the age of your body depends on much more than how long you’ve been alive.

Let me explain using the common automobile analogy. Imagine I purchased two Ford Escorts identical in 1982 and placed one in a time capsule where it was kept at a constant, non-reactive temperature. The second car was then driven for 40 years. This car will wear out and break down multiple times over the next 40 years. It will need mechanical assistance (similar to medical attention). After 40 years, I will take out the first car and compare it with the second. Which car is better? The car that has been preserved is the best. What car will last the longest after that? The car that has been preserved is the one you should choose.


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