Discovering the Secrets of Rejuvenation with Dr. Jonathan Clark

Undoing Aging With Dr. Jonathan Clark

We worked with Anna Dobryukha, a journalist from Komsomolskaya Pravda – one of Russia’s largest publishing houses – during the Undoing Aging Conference in Berlin. We worked together on a number of interviews including this one, with Dr. Jonathan Clark at the Babraham Institute.

Undoing Aging, a conference organized by the SENS Research Foundation in collaboration with Michael Greve’s Forever Healthy Foundation in Berlin from March 15-17, brought together researchers, advocates and investors to discuss the latest advances in rejuvenation technology.

LEAF provided a travel grant to Anna Dobryukha to come and interview us. She is one of the most talented Russian journalists who writes about aging, rejuvenation, longevity research, etc. It was only natural to work with her to create the most fascinating interviews. Anna Dobryukha is a journalist for Komsomolskaya Pravda. This publishing house has a radio station and website, as well as a newspaper. It boasts over 40 million subscribers.

We had the chance to interview Dr. Jonathan Clark during the conference. He has been working on the skin aging process and the interaction of collagen. Dr. Jonathan Clark is the head the the biological chemistry section at the Babraham Institute where his research group conducts aging studies. Dr. Clark presented some fascinating research at the conference, but it has not yet been published. This means he couldn’t tell us all he discovered in this interview. But don’t worry. We have agreed to a follow-up with him when his data has been published.


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