Discovering the link between metabolism and mitochondrial DNA release: Implications for inflammation and disease

DNA building blocks regulate inflammation

Mitochondria provide energy to our cells. These tiny components of cells have their own genetic material that triggers an inflammation response when released inside the cell. Although the exact cause of the release is not known, the mitochondrial genome has been linked to a number of diseases including neurodegenerative and cardiac disorders as well as aging. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging, and the CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Aging Research have studied the reasons for mitochondrial genetic material being released. They found that the release is directly linked to the cellular metabolism. Researchers hope to develop new therapeutic approaches through influencing the metabolic pathway.

Every metabolic process, every physical movement and breathing requires energy. The mitochondria, tiny parts of our cells that produce energy, are responsible for this. The mitochondria have their very own DNA, unlike other components of the cell. In certain circumstances, mitochondria can release their DNA inside the cell. This causes a reaction by the cell’s immune system, and is associated with a variety of diseases, as well as aging. It is not known why mitochondrial DNA is released.


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