Discovering the hidden role of telomeres in cellular aging

Telomeres play a new role in anti-aging research

It’s not hard to see why scientists are so interested in studying aging. Scientists from Canada claim that they have discovered telomeres are not as important in cellular ageing as previously believed.

Telomeres are a major focus in anti-aging research. They are \”junk DNA\” sections that cover the ends of chromosomes to protect genetic information. The telomere gets shorter with every cell division. When it is too short, the cell will stop dividing and enter a state of dormancy known as senescence. These senescent aging cells are responsible for a number of symptoms, including frailty and diseases associated with ageing.

This model implies that telomeres play a protective role, signaling to cells when one telomere is worn out. There is evidence that suggests cell division can occur with up to five dysfunctional or worn-out telomeres.


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