David Gobel’s Visions: An Interview With the Founder of Methuselah Foundation

David Gobel Interview

Interview with David Gobel, founder of the Methuselah Foundation.

David Gobel, inventor, philanthropist and futurist is a passionate advocate for rejuvenation. He’s best known for cofounding Methuselah Foundation along with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, and for proposing \”longevity-escape velocity\”, but his accomplishments and success extend beyond that. David Gobel has graciously granted LEAF an interesting and detailed interview.

You may not be familiar with Methuselah Foundation. It is the oldest organization in the field of rejuvenation support and advocacy. The foundation also acts as an incubator to startups that are working on rejuvenation research. You can read more about the Methuselah Foundation by reading our older article.

We hope that you enjoyed Dave’s responses as much as us!


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