Dark Futures: Examining Reality of NeoTechnocracy by Nikola Danaylov

Dark Futures: NeoTechnocracy, The Future Is Worse Than You Think
A video that will make you smile and cheer up.

Nikola Danaylov @ #DarkFutures : #NeoTechnocracy The #Future Is Worse Than You Think.

Here is my short closing speech at the Dark Futures 2019 meetup in Toronto. It’s not my best speech, but since Nikolas Badminton, the event organizer and futurist, kindly provided me with a video recording of my keynote address, I thought that it might be a good idea to share it and solicit your feedback.

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Title: NeoTechnocracy – The Future Is Worse Than You Think

Description: Silicon Valley, the new chosen land, is home to entrepreneurs. Technology is now the new religion. They promise us a better future than we can imagine – a tech-heaven filled with abundance and immortality. We are now all believers.


Nikola Danaylov at Dark Futures: NeoTechnocracy – The Future is Worse than You Think

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