CRISPR-Edited stem cells make transplants possible without immunosuppressive drugs

CRISPR Development Makes Stem Cells Invisible to Immune System without Immunosuppressive Drugs
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Gene editing makes stem cells invisible to immune systems, allowing cell therapy to be performed without suppressing immune responses. Scientists from the US and Germany developed universal cell products for all transplant patients using immune engineering. It is the idea to develop stem cells that are immune-resistant. These hypoimmune cells can then be used to produce cells of the desired kind that can be implanted in any patient, without immunosuppression. The researchers used CRISPR Cas9 to knockout two genes in the major Histocompatibility Complex, which is responsible for determining whether a cell belongs to a patient or not. The researchers also increased the production of a signal protein, which acts as a warning to macrophages not to eat them. These changes together made the stem cell look less alien and prevented macrophages from clearing them. The team used the engineered stem cell to differentiate endothelial and cardiomyocytes, which they then used to treat mice with three different diseases. The hypoimmune cell therapy was effective in saving hindlimbs and preventing lung damage. The risks of immunosuppression are obvious to patients, and the cost of generating custom-made cells for transplantation therapy can be prohibitive. The creation of universal donor cell lines that could be used therapeutically would reduce the cost and make cellular therapies available to more patients.


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