Cracking the code of Aging: A call to world leaders to join the quest

Ageing isn’t pleasant — let’s get world leaders involved in the quest to solve it
The aging process can be slowed down or reversed.
In several animal models, it has been shown that gene therapy and partial cellular reprograming interventions can extend the healthspan and life expectancy of mice and other model organisms.

A Fortune magazine article from December 30, 2020, reached the following conclusions.
A growing population will increase the cost of health care if we don’t find ways to reverse or slow down biological aging.
Understanding and addressing the biology of ageing is the most exciting way to improve health productivity.
Some of the promising research that is being done to reverse aging is close to clinical application.
* While this research is exciting, we still invest too little in research to help us understand and treat aging.

Like everyone else, world leaders die mainly from age-related diseases, which is aging itself.

Bring world leaders together to solve the problem of aging.

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