Contrary to expectations, lower neuronal activity extends life span

Reduced neuronal activity prolongs life, according to a surprising study

It sounds plausible that aging can be caused by molecular chaos, such as the fraying of ends of chromosomes (bad), or the breakdown of genes’ on/off status (really bad).

Scientists reported on Wednesday that neuronal activities are a major driver of aging. The lead researcher, however, calls this \”counterintuitive\”. The brain is affected by aging. They found that the brain also seems to influence aging: From worms to humans, high levels neuronal activity are associated with a shorter lifespan. Low levels of neuronal activity, either naturally or as a result of drugs that reduce neurons’ activity, increase longevity.

It took two years for the discovery4 to be published in Nature because the external scientists who reviewed the study demanded so many additional data. The research was led by Harvard Medical School geneticist Bruce Yankner, who understood the skepticism of his colleagues. He said that if you claim to have a backyard cat, people will believe you. \”If you claim to have a Zebra, people want more proof.\”


Here’s a brain teaser: Surprising study shows reduced neuronal activity extends life

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