Coffee and Longevity – Examining the Relationship between Coffee Consumption, and an Increased Lifespan

Cancer is not a disease if aging isn’t one!

Many in the medical profession are reluctant to label aging a disease, which is creating significant roadblocks to those who are trying to find solutions.

Coffee is a life-saver for many people. It can save them from falling over in the morning from exhaustion or it can prevent an irritating coworker from being enraged by someone who still hasn’t had their caffeine fix. Coffee is one of the world’s most powerful (and mainly metaphorical) lifesavers. Recent studies have shown that drinking coffee can have a positive impact on longevity and health. One study in the UK of 170,000 people found that those who drink between two and four coffees a day are 30% less likely to suffer from any cause of death than those who don’t.


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