Cheating Death: NBC & Phil Noyce’s Cryonics Drama

NBC & Phil Noyce Plan Cryonics Drama

NBC has developed a cryonics project that is still untitled. It comes from David Slack, a writer and executive-producer. Phillip Noyce will direct and executive-produce the pilot.

Sony Television produced the series that follows an enigmatic millionaire who has gathered over 250 people to attempt to cheat death through cryogenic suspension, in hopes of a future advancement allowing them to be restored to life.

As these people wake up from their different times, they quickly realize that you cannot cheat death without paying the price. Josh Berman, Chris King and others will serve as executive producers. Noyce has also directed and executive produced the pilots for ABC’s Revenge and FOX’s The Resident.


NBC & Phil Noyce Plan Cryonics Drama

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