CGP Grey’s Animation of Professor Nick Bostrom’s Fable on Aging: Challenging The Dragon-Tyrant

CGP Grey: Fable of the Dragon Tyrant
CGP Grey released a new video. This time, it’s an animated version of Professor Nick Bostrom’s \”The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant\”. The fable serves as a powerful metaphor of aging, and how humans have adapted to its dictates.

In ten to fifteen years, it’s likely that we will look back on this time in history and see that we witnessed the beginning of the revolution, or the first baby-steps of what would become a global phenomenon. It may take longer but, just as it did for human flight in the past, we can see the signs of a paradigm shift.

You’ll notice that the rejuvenation biotechnology field is gaining momentum. It’s not just a fringe topic anymore, but it’s becoming mainstream. More people are joining the cause.


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