Celebrate Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s Achievements by Solving a 70 Year-Old Mathematics Problem

Happy birthday Aubrey de Grey

Happy Birthday to Dr. Aubrey De Grey Bigsmile

How many biologists are needed to solve a mathematical problem that has been unsolved for nearly 70 years in a way that is not trivial? Answer: One, at least, if that biologist is Aubrey de Grey. He is the pioneer of the repair-based approach to aging.

You read it correctly. Today, in occasion of Dr. de Grey’s birthday, we’ve decided to take a short break from biology and rejuvenation to tell our readers about the recent scientific achievement of one of the world’s most famous biogerontologists–unexpectedly, but pleasantly so, in the field of mathematics.

The plane’s chromatic number

We’ll keep things simple if math isn’t your forte. Imagine you have a plane that is infinitely large, and all the points are connected with a straight-line. Imagine that you want to color every point so that no two points are the same. How many colors will you need for the whole plane?


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