Cancer Treatment Hopes Revived by a Revolutionary Stealth Viral

The revolutionary stealth virus has promise as a cancer treatment

Researchers have solved a problem which has held back the use viral vectors in cancer therapy. Researchers re-engineered viral vectors with a new stealth technique, allowing them to be used as cancer treatment.

Viral vectors have not been widely used in cancer treatment until recently. Researchers have just announced they re-engineered adenovirus using a stealth technique to enable it to be used against tumors. This article was originally published on Brady Hartman is the author.

Scientists use viral vectors to deliver genetic materials into cells. They have not been effective in treating cancer until researchers in Switzerland reengineered them.

Researchers at the University of Zurich re-engineered adenovirus to be used in cancer treatment. Scientists developed a protein shield to hide the virus from the body and prevent it from being destroyed. The surface adapters of the virus allow the reconstructed version to target and invade tumor cells.


Revolutionary stealth virus holds promise for cancer therapy

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