Book Passage Ferry Building Store, San Francisco, California: Dr. Harold Katcher will be launching \”The Illusion of Knowledge\”, a book about human rejuvenation.

The author will be present to announce the book launch of \”The Illusion of Knowledge\” in person.

Dr. The book launch is scheduled for September 4th at 3 pm (Pacific Time), in the Book Passage Ferry Building Store, San Francisco, California.
Come and meet Dr. Katcher in person.

Dr. Harold Katcher was one of the first to discover the human breast cancer gene, BRCA1. He has published thousands of scientific papers in a variety of fields, including bacteriology and biotechnology. His publications also cover biochemistry, bioinformatics, and biochemistry. Dr. Harold Katcher was Academic Director for Natural Sciences at the Asian Division of University of Maryland Global Campus. He is now Chief Scientific Officer of Yuvan Research Inc. which works on rejuvenation treatments.…ding-store.

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